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Constitution (Personality) Types

Extracted from Chapter 8 of Highway to Homeopathy



Homoeopathy teaches us that we must consider the person the whole person not the disease. James Tyler Kent that great homoeopath and master paraphrased it thus "If you treat the symptoms of the disease and not the person you are doomed to failure."

There are though always exceptions to the rule. Samuel Hahnemann wrote in his "Organon of Medicine " Aphorism 101 "It may easily happen that in the first case of an epidemic disease that presents itself to the physician's notice he does not at once obtain a knowledge of its complete picture as it is only by a close observation of several cases of every such collective disease that he can become conversant with the totality of its signs and symptoms."

I would like to expound this concept of the collective symptoms to what I deem to be the "collective personality" or "collective constitution" from the 1930s to the 1990s.

In order to survive the human race must adapt and change-The society we have helped to create is ever altering. So are the demands it makes upon us. Our desires our wants and our needs are not constant. Therefore pressures are created. It is how we react to these pressures that is significant.

Our attitudes and ability to cope with the situations and demands of the life that we live or aspire to may indeed make the difference between our being content or discontent happy or miserable fulfilled or failed.

Years ago life was slower and more leisurely. We had time to adjust to change. But today many of us live in the fast lane . . . and there is a need to keep pace with the traffic merely to survive. Some may give up whilst others become the pacemakers.

Why are we so different? Why are some of us able to cope where others cannot? What makes winners and losers? What makes us aggressive? What makes us passive? What motivates us? What makes us tick?

There are parts of us over which we have little control like our genes or the hereditary factor. But there are other factors such as education environment upbringing culture and traditions which are strong influences in our formation.

We are part of our illnesses and diseases our experiences and everything else that has gone towards forming our needs desires emotions and aspirations All this - and more - has moulded and shaped us and our attitudes into the characters and personalities that makes us what we are.

World events too have been - and are - important in shaping our lives. But so is timing and the age or decade in which we live. In almost every age events and circumstances have led us to develop certain characteristics and behaviour patterns. But do the times and events create the personalities or do the personalities create the times or events?

Darwin's "survival of the fittest" shows that we had to develop in many ways to suit us to our environment our social order and society in order to survive and progress.

We develop as individuals but also as part of a group or groupings with its own social order and hierarchy. Such groups way be of a religious cultural social class or professional nature or even by age - teenagers senior citizens etc - by nationality language or any other classification or order.

Have you ever wondered why a group of apparently normal people enjoying themselves at a football match suddenly become hooligans fighting and destroying all in their path or why those who individually may be reasonable law-abiding citizens suddenly become a lynch mob.


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