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UK Homeopath Directory

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Homeopathy is one of the best alternative medicines available today. By encouraging the body's own healing mechanisms, homeopathic remedies are a safe and effective way to treat almost all ailments.  Homeopaths have a natural affinity with their patients.

Homeopathy is very effective. When the appropriate remedy is taken, results can be almost instant, total and permanent.

Homeopaths practice in a way that is  totally safe. Even babies and pregnant women can use Homeopathy without side effects.

Homeopathic remedies can also be taken with traditional medication with no side effects.

Homeopathy is natural. A Homeopath usually uses natural ingredients.

A Homeopath works in harmony with your immune system, unlike  conventional medicines which can often suppress the immune system.

Homeopathic remedies are not addictive - once relief is felt, you can stop taking them. 

Homeopathy is holistic. It treats all the symptoms as one, addressing the cause, not the symptoms.  This usually means that symptoms alleviated by a  Homeopath do not recur.


Homeopaths in Your Area

 Town / City
Louise Peddle LBSH Westbury Chiropody Surgery, 12 Edward Street Westbury   01985 214411
Louise Peddle LBSH Warminster Osteopathic Clinic, 4 Station Road Warminster   01985 213927
Alison Fixsen RSHom Park Lane Osteopathic Clinic, 70D Park Lane Chippenham   01249 655088
Clare Christopher MHMA The Old Orchard Surgery, North Street Wilton   01722 413236
Henrietta Wells RSHom Bow House, Chitterne, Salisbury Plain Warminster BA12 0LG 01985 850551
Marcus Christo RSHom Swan Clinic, Durrell House, Vicarage Street Warminster BA12 8JE 01985 217158
Anna Tolson LHom South West Acupuncture Clinic, 30 The Down Trowbridge BA14 01225 777456
Diane Vince LHom 12 Pound Lane, Semington Trowbridge BA14 6LP 01380 871259
Jane Anderson LHom Dolphins, 109 The Midlands Holt BA14 6RQ 01225 782470
Sheila Brewis LHom Bradford Road Medical Centre, 60 Bradfrod Road Trowbridge BA14 9AR 01225 754255
Andrew Ward RSHom St Margarets Surgery Bradford-on-Avon BA15 01225 863278
Andrew Ward RSHom The Church Street Practice, 15a Church Street Bradford-on-Avon BA15 01225 868282
Pauline Waywell LHom The Health Hydro, Milton Road Swindon SN1 5JA 01793 465 629
Andrew Ward RSHom The Complementary Health Clinic, 15 Bridewell Street Devizes SN10 01380 728453
Cherry Hillier LHom Briar Cottage, Coate Devizes SN10 3LE 01380 860316
Frances Barker LHom 24 The Street, All Cannings Devizes SN10 3PA 01380 860378
Alison Fixsen RSHom East Cottage, Heddington Common Calne SN11 0NZ 01380 850941
Denise Hickson-Gioria LHom Shaw Clinic, Bath Road, Shaw Melksham SN12 8E.G. 01225 700905
Christine Taylor LHom 64 Broadmead, Corsham SN13 9AP 01249 716291
Sally Sharpe LHom 69 High Street Corsham SN13 0HW 01249 714544
Helen Barrow RMANM 26 Kingham Close Chippenham SN14 0PB 01249 658824
Elizabeth Barnikel LHom Emery Clinic, Emery Lane Chippenham SN15 3JP 01249 447147
Sally Sharpe LHom Malmesbury Acupuncture Clinic, 4b The High Street Malmesbury SN16 9AU 01666 822313
Hazel Rank-Broadly RSHom The Oxford Practice, Oxford Street Malmesbury SN16 9AX 01666 824560
Manjit Virik RSHom 21 Queen Elizabeth Drive, Burghley Park Swindon SN2 3WR 01793 703229
Nicola Silcock MHMA Cricklade Complementary Health Practice, 12 The High Street, Cricklade Swindon SN6 6AP 01793 750504
Dr Douglas Livingston MFHom 12 High Street Cricklade SN6 6AP 01793 750504
Alison Fixsen RSHom Marlborough Shiatsu Centre, Ironmonger Lane, High Street Marlborough SN8 01380 850941
Penny Browne LHom The Natural Health Centre, 78 High Street Marlborough SN8 1HF 01672 516886
Kathleen Sautelle RSHom Marlborough Leisure Centre, Barton Dene Marlborough SN8 1PB 01252 890883
Vivian Hemery LHom White Acre, Fyfield Marlborough SN8 1PX 01672 861676
Penny Browne LHom 1 Portway, Oare Marlborough SN8 4JJ 01672 564368
Penny Browne LHom Pewsey Osteopathic Clinic, 9 High Street Pewsey SN9 5AF 01672 513161
Dr Janet Gray MFHom Kuchana, St Martins Lane, Marshfield Chippenharn SNI4 81Z 01225 891115
Clare Christopher MHMA Salisbury Homoeopathy Centre, 24 Catherine Street Salisbury SP1 01722 413236
Jane Mitchell BSc MSc LLCHom, MLCHom Salisbury Homeopathy Centre, 24 Catherine Street Salisbury SP1 1JD 01722 411766
Marcus Christo RSHom Avonbourne Chiropractic Clinic, 31 Salt Lane Salisbury SP1 1EG 01747 820638
Dr John English MFHom 87 Greencroft Street Salisbury SP1 1JF 01722 410416
Annie Batchelor RSHom 3 Ventry Close, St Mark's Avenue Salisbury SP1 3ES 01722 504747
Clare Christopher MHMA The Flat, 60 Bedwin Street Salisbury SP1 3UW 01722 413236
Dr Anthony Fox MFHom Sarurn Physiotherapy Centre, 213 Devizes Road Salisbury SP2 9LT 01425 618801
Marcus Christo RSHom 3 Lower Pertwood, Hindon Salisbury SP3 6TA 01747 820638

Finding a Homeopath

Things to consider when having homeopathic treatment

Before the appointment

Before making an appointment, you should to ensure that you are happy with the fee you will be charged (fees for the first appointment are generally higher as this will generally last longer), payment arrangements, cancellation charges, reduction of charges for children or pensioners and arrangements for emergency appointments.

Getting Ready for your appointment

To get the best from your appointment, it is a good idea to make some notes  and to think through all the things that are affecting your health.

Some homeopaths ask new patients to complete a detailed questionnaire before their first appointment - this is a useful method of saving time and money.

Homeopath Wiltshire

Example ailment treated by a homeopath

Hiatal Hernia

A hernia (rupture) or is usually noticed as a lump, commonly in the groin or the umbilical region. It appears when a portion of the tissue which lines the abdominal cavity (peritoneum) breaks through a weakened area of the abdominal wall. This can give rise to discomfort as the hernia enlarges and can sometimes be dangerous if a piece of intestine becomes trapped ('strangulated') inside. Hiatus hernia is the herniation of an abdominal organ, usually the stomach, through the oesophageal hiatus in the diaphragm. Two main types are recognised: sliding or axial hiatus hernia - 90% of hiatus hernias - this is a direct herniation through the oesophageal hiatus para-oesophageal or rolling hiatus hernia - 10% - the herniation occurs due to the abdominal organ pushing up beside the oesophagus.  Discuss with your Homeopath how best to deal with this.

Homeopath Wiltshire

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Where can I buy homeopathic tansy?

Some chemists and health food shops stock a small range of tansy, usually in pill form and in the 6c potency. However in emergencies and in many chronic conditions, 30c tansy should be used.

2. In what forms are homeopathic tansy available?

Most people buy their tansy in the form of lactose (milk sugar) pills which have been impregnated with a solution of the  tansy; to take the tansy one simply dissolves one or two on the tongue. Tansy is also sold in solution form in small glass phials with screw tops.  A few tansy remedies are available as ointments, for topical application only.

3. Can I get homeopathic tansy on the NHS?

There are a number of ways in which you can get Homeopathic tansy providing it is prescribed by a homeopath who is also a doctor. They may be working in an NHS homeopathic hospital or your GP may refer you to a homeopath.

4. When and how should I take homeopathic tansy?

Tansy is best taken in between meals, at least half an hour after eating, and should be dissolved or dropped onto the tongue. Make sure the mouth is thoroughly rinsed before taking tansy.

Homeopath Wiltshire

All Cannings-Wiltshire (near Devizes)

Alton Barnes-Wiltshire (near Devizes)

Alton Priors-Wiltshire (near Marlborough)

Ashton Common-Wiltshire (near Trowbridge)

Ashton Keynes-Wiltshire (near Cricklade)

Avebury Trusloe-Wiltshire (near Marlborough)

Badbury Wick-Wiltshire (near Swindon)

Barford St Martin-Wiltshire (near Salisbury)

Barrow Street-Wiltshire (near Gillingham)

Bedwyn Common-Wiltshire (near Marlborough)

Berwick Bassett-Wiltshire (near Wootton Bassett)

Berwick St James-Wiltshire (near Amesbury)

Berwick St John-Wiltshire (near Shaftesbury)

Berwick St Leonard-Wiltshire (near Shaftesbury)

Bishops Cannings-Wiltshire (near Devizes)

Blunsdon St Andrew-Wiltshire (near Swindon)

Bowden Hill-Wiltshire (near Melksham)

Bowerchalke-Wiltshire (near Salisbury)

Bradford Leigh-Wiltshire (near Bradford on Avon)

Bradford on Avon-Wiltshire Brixton Deverill-Wiltshire

Brixton Deverill-Wiltshire (near Warminster)

Broad Blunsdon-Wiltshire (near Highworth)

Broad Chalke-Wiltshire (near Salisbury)

Broad Hinton-Wiltshire (near Wootton Bassett)

Broad Town-Wiltshire (near Wootton Bassett)

Broughton Gifford-Wiltshire (near Melksham)

Bulford Camp-Wiltshire (near Amesbury)

Callow Hill-Wiltshire (near Wootton Bassett)

Calstone Wellington-Wiltshire (near Calne)

Castle Combe-Wiltshire (near Chippenham)

Castle Eaton-Wiltshire (near Fairford)

Charlton all Saints-Wiltshire (near Salisbury)

Chilton Foliat-Wiltshire (near Hungerford)

Christian Malford-Wiltshire (near Chippenham)

Clench Common-Wiltshire (near Marlborough)

Clyffe Pypard-Wiltshire (near Wootton Bassett)

Codford St Mary-Wiltshire (near Warminster)

Codford St Peter-Wiltshire (near Warminster)

Collingbourne Ducis-Wiltshire (near Andover)

Collingbourne Kingston-Wiltshire (near Marlborough)

Compton Bassett-Wiltshire (near Calne)

Compton Chamberlayne-Wiltshire (near Salisbury)

Coombe Bissett-Wiltshire (near Salisbury)

Corsley Heath-Wiltshire (near Frome)

Dauntsey Lock-Wiltshire (near Wootton Bassett)

Derry Hill-Wiltshire (near Calne)

Dilton Marsh-Wiltshire (near Westbury)

Donhead St Andrew-Wiltshire (near Shaftesbury)

Donhead St Mary-Wiltshire (near Shaftesbury)

Draycot Cerne-Wiltshire (near Swindon)

Draycot Foliat-Wiltshire (near Swindon)

Druids Lodge-Wiltshire (near Amesbury)

East Chisenbury-Wiltshire (near Amesbury)

East Grafton-Wiltshire (near Marlborough)

East Grimstead-Wiltshire (near Salisbury)

East Harnham-Wiltshire (near Salisbury)

East Kennett-Wiltshire (near Marlborough)

East Knoyle-Wiltshire (near Shaftesbury)

East Tytherton-Wiltshire (near Chippenham)

East Winterslow-Wiltshire (near Salisbury)

Easton Grey-Wiltshire (near Malmesbury)

Easton Royal-Wiltshire (near Marlborough)

Ebbesborne Wake-Wiltshire (near Shaftesbury)

Farleigh Wick-Wiltshire (near Bradford on Avon)

Fifield Bavant-Wiltshire (near Salisbury)

Fisherton de la Mere-Wiltshire (near Warminster)

Fonthill Bishop-Wiltshire (near Shaftesbury)

Fonthill Gifford-Wiltshire (near Shaftesbury)

Fyfield Bavant-Wiltshire (near Salisbury)

Great Ashley-Wiltshire (near Bradford on Avon)

Great Bedwyn-Wiltshire (near Hungerford)

Great Chalfield-Wiltshire (near Bradford on Avon)

Great Cheverell-Wiltshire (near Devizes)

Great Cumberwell-Wiltshire (near Bradford on Avon)

Great Durnford-Wiltshire (near Amesbury)

Great Hinton-Wiltshire (near Melksham)

Great Somerford-Wiltshire (near Malmesbury)

Great Wishford-Wiltshire (near Salisbury)

Green Hill-Wiltshire (near Wootton Bassett)

Hanging Langford-Wiltshire (near Amesbury)

Hannington Wick-Wiltshire (near Highworth)

Haydon Wick-Wiltshire (near Swindon)

High Penn-Wiltshire (near Calne)

High Post-Wiltshire (near Amesbury)

Higher Pertwood-Wiltshire (near Warminster)

Hill Deverill-Wiltshire (near Warminster)

Hilperton Marsh-Wiltshire (near Trowbridge)

Hinton Parva-Wiltshire (near Swindon)

Kemble Wick-Wiltshire (near Cirencester)

Kembrey Park-Wiltshire (near Swindon)

Kilmington Common-Wiltshire (near Gillingham)

Kingston Deverill-Wiltshire (near Warminster)

Kington Langley-Wiltshire (near Chippenham)

Kington St Michael-Wiltshire (near Chippenham)

Landford Wood-Wiltshire (near Romsey)

Langley Burrell-Wiltshire (near Chippenham)

Larkhill-Wiltshire (near Amesbury)

Leigh Delamere-Wiltshire (near Chippenham)

Liddington Warren-Wiltshire (near Swindon)

Limpley Stoke-Wiltshire (near Bradford on Avon)

Little Ashley-Wiltshire (near Bradford on Avon)

Little Bedwyn-Wiltshire (near Hungerford)

Little Chalfield-Wiltshire (near Bradford on Avon)

Little Cheverell-Wiltshire (near Devizes)

Little Durnford-Wiltshire (near Salisbury)

Little Horton-Wiltshire (near Devizes)

Little Keyford-Wiltshire (near Frome)

Little Langford-Wiltshire (near Salisbury)

Little Salisbury-Wiltshire (near Marlborough)

Little Somerford-Wiltshire (near Malmesbury)

Littleton Drew-Wiltshire (near Chipping Sodbury)

Littleton Panell-Wiltshire (near Devizes)

Longbridge Deverill-Wiltshire (near Warminster)

Lopcombe Corner-Wiltshire (near Amesbury)

Lower Chute-Wiltshire (near Andover)

Lower Everleigh-Wiltshire (near Amesbury)

Lower Lodge-Wiltshire (near Chippenham)

Lower Seagry-Wiltshire (near Malmesbury)

Lower Stanton St Quintin-Wiltshire (near Malmesbury)

Lower Westwood-Wiltshire (near Bradford on Avon)

Lower Woodford-Wiltshire (near Salisbury)

Lydiard Millicent-Wiltshire (near Wootton Bassett)

Lydiard Tregoze-Wiltshire (near Wootton Bassett)

Maiden Bradley-Wiltshire (near Frome)

Manningford Abbots-Wiltshire (near Marlborough)

Manningford Bohune-Wiltshire (near Marlborough)

Manningford Bruce-Wiltshire (near Marlborough)

Market Lavington-Wiltshire (near Devizes)

Marston Meysey-Wiltshire (near Cricklade)

Middle Lodge-Wiltshire (near Chippenham)

Middle Woodford-Wiltshire (near Amesbury)

Mile Elm-Wiltshire (near Calne)

Milkhouse Water-Wiltshire (near Marlborough)

Milton Lilbourne-Wiltshire (near Marlborough)

Monkton Deverill-Wiltshire (near Warminster)

Monkton Farleigh-Wiltshire (near Bradford on Avon)

Morgan's Vale-Wiltshire (near Salisbury)

New Zealand-Wiltshire (near Calne)

Newton Toney-Wiltshire (near Amesbury)

Nine Elms-Wiltshire (near Swindon)

Norrington Common-Wiltshire (near Melksham)

North Bradley-Wiltshire (near Trowbridge)

North Colerne-Wiltshire (near Bath)

North Newnton-Wiltshire (near Marlborough)

North Standen-Wiltshire (near Hungerford)

North Tidworth-Wiltshire (near Amesbury)

North Wraxall-Wiltshire (near Chippenham)

Norton Bavant-Wiltshire (near Warminster)

Norton Ferris-Wiltshire (near Gillingham)

Ogbourne Maizey-Wiltshire (near Marlborough)

Ogbourne St Andrew-Wiltshire (near Marlborough)

Ogbourne St George-Wiltshire (near Marlborough)

Old Dilton-Wiltshire (near Westbury)

Old Sarum-Wiltshire (near Salisbury)

Perry Green-Wiltshire (near Malmesbury)

Porton Down-Wiltshire (near Amesbury)

Purton Stoke-Wiltshire (near Cricklade)

Sandridge Common-Wiltshire (near Melksham)

Sandy Lane-Wiltshire (near Calne)

Savernake Forest-Wiltshire (near Marlborough)

Seend Cleeve-Wiltshire (near Melksham)

Sells Green-Wiltshire (near Melksham)

South Leaze-Wiltshire (near Swindon)

South Marston-Wiltshire (near Highworth)

South Newton-Wiltshire (near Salisbury)

South Tidworth-Wiltshire (near Amesbury)

South Wraxall-Wiltshire (near Bradford on Avon)

St Loyes-Wiltshire (near Swindon)

Stanton Fitzwarren-Wiltshire (near Highworth)

Stanton St Bernard-Wiltshire (near Devizes)

Stanton St Quintin-Wiltshire (near Chippenham)

Steeple Ashton-Wiltshire (near Trowbridge)

Steeple Langford-Wiltshire (near Amesbury)

Stibb Green-Wiltshire (near Marlborough)

Stratford Sub Castle-Wiltshire (near Salisbury)

Stratford Tony-Wiltshire (near Salisbury)

Stratton Saint Mary-Wiltshire (near Swindon)

Stratton St Margaret-Wiltshire (near Swindon)

Sutton Benger-Wiltshire (near Chippenham)

Sutton Mandeville-Wiltshire (near Shaftesbury)

Sutton Veny-Wiltshire (near Warminster)

Teffont-Wiltshire (near Salisbury)

Teffont Evias-Wiltshire (near Shaftesbury)

Teffont Magna-Wiltshire (near Shaftesbury)

The Common-Wiltshire (near Salisbury)

The Common-Wiltshire (near Salisbury)

The Ridge-Wiltshire (near Melksham)

Tockenham Wick-Wiltshire (near Wootton Bassett)

Tollard Royal-Wiltshire (near Shaftesbury)

Trowle Common-Wiltshire (near Trowbridge)

Tytherton Lucas-Wiltshire (near Chippenham)

Upper Castle Combe-Wiltshire (near Chippenham)

Upper Chute-Wiltshire (near Andover)

Upper Inglesham-Wiltshire (near Highworth)

Upper Minety-Wiltshire (near Malmesbury)

Upper Seagry-Wiltshire (near Malmesbury)

Upper Stratton-Wiltshire (near Swindon)

Upper Upham-Wiltshire (near Marlborough)

Upper Westwood-Wiltshire (near Bradford on Avon)

Upper Woodford-Wiltshire (near Amesbury)

Upton Lovell-Wiltshire (near Warminster)

Upton Scudamore-Wiltshire (near Warminster)

West Amesbury-Wiltshire (near Amesbury)

West Ashton-Wiltshire (near Trowbridge)

West Chisenbury-Wiltshire (near Amesbury)

West Dean-Wiltshire (near Salisbury)

West End-Wiltshire (near Shaftesbury)

West Grafton-Wiltshire (near Marlborough)

West Grimstead-Wiltshire (near Salisbury)

West Harnham-Wiltshire (near Salisbury)

West Kennett-Wiltshire (near Marlborough)

West Kington-Wiltshire (near Chipping Sodbury)

West Kington Wick-Wiltshire (near Chipping Sodbury)

West Knoyle-Wiltshire (near Gillingham)

West Lavington-Wiltshire (near Devizes)

West Leaze-Wiltshire (near Swindon)

West Overton-Wiltshire (near Marlborough)

West Stowell-Wiltshire (near Marlborough)

West Winterslow-Wiltshire (near Salisbury)

Westbury Leigh-Wiltshire (near Westbury)

Winterbourne Bassett-Wiltshire (near Wootton Bassett)

Winterbourne Dauntsey-Wiltshire (near Salisbury)

Winterbourne Earls-Wiltshire (near Salisbury)

Winterbourne Gunner-Wiltshire (near Salisbury)

Winterbourne Monkton-Wiltshire (near Marlborough)

Winterbourne Stoke-Wiltshire (near Amesbury)

Wootton Bassett-Wiltshire

Wootton Rivers-Wiltshire (near Marlborough)

Yatton Keynell-Wiltshire (near Chippenham)


Homeopath Wiltshire

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