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UK Homeopath Directory

Homeopath West Yorkshire

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Homeopathy is one of the best alternative medicines available today. By encouraging the body's own healing mechanisms, homeopathic remedies are a safe and effective way to treat almost all ailments.  Homeopaths have a natural affinity with their patients.

Homeopathy is very effective. When the appropriate remedy is taken, results can be almost instant, total and permanent.

Homeopaths practice in a way that is  totally safe. Even babies and pregnant women can use Homeopathy without side effects.

Homeopathic remedies can also be taken with traditional medication with no side effects.

Homeopathy is natural. A Homeopath usually uses natural ingredients.

A Homeopath works in harmony with your immune system, unlike  conventional medicines which can often suppress the immune system.

Homeopathic remedies are not addictive - once relief is felt, you can stop taking them. 

Homeopathy is holistic. It treats all the symptoms as one, addressing the cause, not the symptoms.  This usually means that symptoms alleviated by a  Homeopath do not recur.


Homeopaths in Your Area

 Town / City
Janette Batty RSHom Elmwood Health Centre Huddersfield Road Holmfirth   01484 845959
Vivienne Newton LHom Mirfield Natural Health Centre, 4 Town Hall Street Mirfield   01924 498946
Lorna Overend LHom Centenary Square Homoeopathic, 8 Tyrell Street Bradford BD1 1SD 01274 730035
David Fairfax RSHom Windhill Green Medical Centre, 2 Thackley Old Road Shipley BD18 1QB 01274 638167
Krystyna Hilton LHom Bradford Clinic of Homoeopathy, 24 Victoria Road, Saltaire Bradford BD18 3JR 01274 532661
Christine Walker RSHom Bradford Clinic of Homoeopathy, 24 Victoria Road, Saltaire Shipley BD18 3JR 01274 532661
Krystyna Hilton LHom The Poplars, Bar House Lane, Utley Keighley BD20 6HE 01535 661061
Tiffany Bisby LHom Offshoot, 20 Cavendish Street Keighley BD21 3RG 01274 542114
Jill Ross RSHom Lowertown Farm, 2 Yate Lane, Oxenhope Keighley BD22 9HL 01535 646763
Catherine Presto LHom 37 Airedale College Mount Bradford BD3 0JU 01274 635369
Lyn Harrison LHom 104 Harrogate Street, Undercliffe Bradford BD3 0LE 01274 641947
Alice Wallace LHom 139 Killinghall Road Bradford BD3 8AA 01274 669265
Marilyn Quinn LHom Aysgarth Clinic, St Paul's Road Bradford BD8 7LU 01274 493701
Tiffany Bisby LHom 35 Ashwell Road, Heaton Bradford BD9 4AX 01274 542114
Dr Gabriela Rieberer MFHom 30 Milford Place Bradford BD9 4RU 01274 774055
Lorna Overend LHom 31 Coniston Grove Bradford BD9 5HN 01274 409744
Rima Shah MHMA Flat 15 Block C, Temple Bank Flats, Duckworth Lane Bradford BD9 6RJ 01274 366665
Vivienne Newton LHom Hollybank Natural Health Centre, 22 Hollybank Road, Lindley Huddersfield HD3 3LX 01484 654751
Carolyn Garland RSHom Hollybank Natural Health Centre, 22 Hollybank Road, Lindley Huddersfield HD3 3LX 01484 654751
Peter Allen LHom Hollybank Natural Health Centre, 22 Hollybank Road, Lindley Huddersfield HD3 3LX 01484 654751
Alistair Dempster RSHom Briar House, 100 Butternab Road, Beaumont Park Huddersfield HD4 7BB 01484 665137
Virginia Crompton RSHom The Vicarage, Chruch Street, Golcar Huddersfield HD7 4PX 01484 645616
Clare Walters LHom 42 Station Road, Skelmanthorpe Huddersfield HD8 9AU 01484 865562
Helen Bowcock LHom Halifax Clinic of Natural Medicine, 22 Clare Road Halifax HX1 2HX 01422 340909
Diana Seymour LHom Woodlands, Savile Road Hebden Bridge HX7 6BY 01422 846 554
Margaret Dennis LHom Sports Injuries & Physio Clinic, Burlees House, Hangingroyd Lane Hebden Bridge HX7 8PR 01422 846 654
Rachel Low RSHom Hebden Bridge Centre for Natural Medicine, 33 West End Hebden Bridge HX7 8UQ 01422 843017
Caroline Lloyd LHom 4 Athlone Terrace Leeds LS12 1UA 01332 799 074
Kate Shaw LHom 50 Westover Road, Bramley Leeds LS13 3PG 0113 257 1470
Andrea Bartig RSHom 24 Morritt Avenue Leeds LS15 7EP 0113 293 0345
Firdawsia Khan LHom Leeds Complementary Therapy Centre, 249a Otley Road Leeds LS16 5LQ 0113 278 1267
Mahvash Green RSHom 249a Otley Road, West Park Leeds LS16 5LQ 0113 278 1267
Marie-Paule Nicholson RSHom 48 Newlay Lane, Hoirsforth Leeds LS18 4LE 0113 258 3773
Margaret Thompson LHom 29 Harrogate Road, Rawdon Leeds LS19 6HW 0113 250 2026
Eon Carlyle LHom Lambert House, Vicarage Lane, Bramham Leeds LS23 6QG 01937 843109
Sally Cook LHom West Wing, Newton Kyme Hall, Newton Kyme Tadcaster LS24 9LR 01937 833669
Marion Stephens RSHom Fountain Medical Centre, Little Fountain Street, Morley Leeds LS27 9EN 0113 295 1666
Roger Knight LHom Pudsey Leeds LS28 5JP 0113 256 8576
Susan Teale RSHom Menston Ilkley LS29 6NR 01943 884132
Rebecca Whiteside LHom (Dip.Hom.Med) 3 Ashburn House, Parish Ghyll Drive Ilkley LS29 9ND 01943 817804
Carol Wise RSHom 24 Rose Bank, Burley-in-Wharfedale Ilkley LS29 7PQ 01943 863213
Susi Dennett MHMA 21 Victory Road Ilkley LS29 8HL 01943 430990
Annetta Kershaw LHom Ilkley Healing Centre, 7-8 Nelson Road Ilkley LS29 8HN 01943 602177
Anne Grey RSHom Ilkley Healing Centre, 8 Nelson Road Ilkley LS29 8HN 01943 609818
Kristina Burns LHom 21a Middleton Road Ilkley LS29 9EX 01943 602342
Pauline Storie LHom 48 Ash Grove Leeds LS6 1AY 0113 278 2464
Joanna More LHom 5 Carberry Terrace Leeds LS6 1QH 0113 262 1693
Georgina Ramserver LHom Leeds Centre of Homoeopathy, Hilton Court, 2 North Hill Road Leeds LS6 2EN 0113 274 6046
Janette Humphreys LHom 19 Thomas Street, Woodhouse Leeds LS6 2JS 0113 295 7143
Jane Brown RSHom 15 Broomfield Crescent, Headingly Leeds LS6 3DD 0113 278 7346
Elizabeth Dunford LHom 1 Brookfield Place, Headingley Leeds LS6 4EH 0113 274 0628
Jacqueline Beattie LHom 8 Sunset Avenue Leeds LS6 4LW 0113 217 1365
Dr Gillian Do Boor MFHom Leeds Centre of Homoeopathy 148 Harrogate Road Leeds LS7 4NZ 0113 393 0113
Maggie Addison LHom 1 Pasture Place Leeds LS7 4QU 01332 693 099
Wendy Scott LHom 10 Lidgett Walk Leeds LS8 1NW 0113 266 1256
Catherine Barker RSHom The Good Health Centre, 116 Street Lane Leeds LS8 2AL 0113 237 1173
Caroline Lloyd LHom 480a Roundhay Road Leeds LS8 2HU 01332 799 074
Stephanie Hibbert LHom 480a Roundhay Road Leeds LS8 2HU 01332 350 700
Janine Ringwood LHom 6 Asket Gardens, Belle Vue Avenue, Oakwood Leeds LS8 2NW 0113 265 9019
Helen Bowcock LHom 46 Avenue Hill Leeds LS8 4EZ 0113 262 1693
Carola Luther LHom 27 Ashton Street, Harehills Leeds LS8 5BT 0113 240 2588
Linda Thompson LHom 7 Southway, Horsforth Leeds LS8 5RN 0113 239 0049
Johanna Briggs LHom 1 Ghyll Mount, Westfield Drive, Yeadon Leeds LS9 7GA 0113 250 9669
Lynn McGrath LHom Room 3 Bear Wholefoods, 29 Rochdale Road Todmorden OL14 7LA 01973 939910
Ann Hargrave LHom 4 Blenheim Road, St Johns Wakefield WF1 3JZ 01924 364135
Jacqueline Pinks LHom 4 Richmond Road, St Johns Wakefield WF1 3LA 01924 360172
Lindsay Harper RSHom Maybush Medical Centre, Belle Isle Park, Portobello Road Wakefield WF1 5PN 01924 254287
Keith Souter MHMA The Castle Clinic, 106 Manygates Lane, Sandal Wakefield WF2 7DP 01924 256201
Jan Edgar RSHom 22 Elder Avenue Wakefield WF2 9AL 01924 381562
Peter Allen LHom 26 Stannardwell Lane, Horbury Wakefield WF4 6BW 01924 263 537
Dr Hamidullah Khan MFHom Health Centre, Valley Road Liversedge WFI S 6DF 01924 407771

What is a Homeopath?

Homeopathy is a system of medicine in which tiny doses of a carefully selected remedies are prescribed according the principle of similarity, namely that like cures like. Such a remedy stimulates the patient's own healing responses.

Can homeopathy cure me? Homeopathy can help many people with many types of illness. Success in any individual case will depend upon several factors including your general vitality, the progression of the illness and the skill of the homepath, also upon the presence of aids to recovery and the absence of hindrances.

Where can I find a homeopath? Many practitioners and clinics are here in our county pages for Homeopaths. Many more may be found in your local telephone directory under Homeopathy.

You should find a professional practitioner who adheres to a code of standards and who is a member of a reputable body. Many countries have homepathic organisations which publish registers of such homeopaths.

Homeopath West Yorkshire

Example ailment treated by a homeopath

Hiatal Hernia

A hernia (rupture) or is usually noticed as a lump, commonly in the groin or the umbilical region. It appears when a portion of the tissue which lines the abdominal cavity (peritoneum) breaks through a weakened area of the abdominal wall. This can give rise to discomfort as the hernia enlarges and can sometimes be dangerous if a piece of intestine becomes trapped ('strangulated') inside. Hiatus hernia is the herniation of an abdominal organ, usually the stomach, through the oesophageal hiatus in the diaphragm. Two main types are recognised: sliding or axial hiatus hernia - 90% of hiatus hernias - this is a direct herniation through the oesophageal hiatus para-oesophageal or rolling hiatus hernia - 10% - the herniation occurs due to the abdominal organ pushing up beside the oesophagus.  Discuss with your Homeopath how best to deal with this.

Homeopath West Yorkshire

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Where can I buy homeopathic medicines?

Some chemists and health food shops stock a small range of medicines, usually in pill form and in the 6c potency. However in emergencies and in many chronic conditions, 30c medicines should be used.

2. In what forms are homeopathic medicines available?

Most people buy their medicines in the form of lactose (milk sugar) pills which have been impregnated with a solution of the named medicine; to take the medicine one simply dissolves one or two on the tongue. Medicines are also sold in solution form in small glass phials with screw tops.  A few medicines are available as ointments, for topical application only.

3. Can I get homeopathic medicines on the NHS?

There are a number of ways in which you can get Homeopathic medicines providing they are prescribed by a homeopath who is also a doctor. They may be working in an NHS homeopathic hospital or your GP may refer you to a homeopath.

4. When and how should I take homeopathic medicines?

Medicines are best taken in between meals, at least half an hour after eating, and should be dissolved or dropped onto the tongue. Make sure the mouth is thoroughly rinsed before taking a medicine.

Homeopath West Yorkshire

Ackworth Moor Top-West Yorkshire (near South Kirkby)

Ainley Top-West Yorkshire (near Huddersfield)

Allerton Bywater-West Yorkshire (near Normanton)

Alwoodley Gates-West Yorkshire (near Leeds)

Ambler Thorn-West Yorkshire (near Halifax)

Apperley Bridge-West Yorkshire (near Bradford)

Armitage Bridge-West Yorkshire (near Huddersfield)

Bailiff Bridge-West Yorkshire (near Halifax)

Bank Top-West Yorkshire (near Halifax)

Barwick in Elmet-West Yorkshire (near Wetherby)

Batley Carr-West Yorkshire (near Dewsbury)

Battye Ford-West Yorkshire (near Batley)

Beggarington Hill-West Yorkshire (near Dewsbury)

Belle Vue-West Yorkshire (near Wakefield)

Ben Rhydding-West Yorkshire (near Ilkley)

Berry Brow-West Yorkshire (near Huddersfield)

Birdsedge-West Yorkshire (near Penistone)

Black Moor-West Yorkshire (near Leeds)

Bolster Moor-West Yorkshire (near Huddersfield)

Boston Spa-West Yorkshire (near Wetherby)

Boulder Clough-West Yorkshire (near Halifax)

Bower's Row-West Yorkshire (near Castleford)

Broad Carr-West Yorkshire (near Halifax)

Burley in Wharfedale-West Yorkshire (near Otley)

Burley Wood Head-West Yorkshire (near Otley)

Butcher Hill-West Yorkshire (near Todmorden)

Calder Grove-West Yorkshire (near Wakefield)

Carr Gate-West Yorkshire (near Wakefield)

Castle Street-West Yorkshire (near Todmorden)

Chapel Allerton-West Yorkshire (near Leeds)

Clayton West-West Yorkshire (near Penistone)

Clough Foot-West Yorkshire (near Todmorden)

Clough Head-West Yorkshire (near Huddersfield)

Cold Heindley-West Yorkshire (near Wakefield)

Colne Bridge-West Yorkshire (near Huddersfield)

Cragg Hill-West Yorkshire (near Leeds)

Cragg Vale-West Yorkshire (near Todmorden)

Crosland Hill-West Yorkshire (near Huddersfield)

Cross Gates-West Yorkshire (near Leeds)

Cross Roads-West Yorkshire (near Keighley)

Crossflatts-West Yorkshire (near Keighley)

Cutler Heights-West Yorkshire (near Bradford)

Daisy Hill-West Yorkshire (near Leeds)

Denby Dale-West Yorkshire (near Penistone)

Denholme Clough-West Yorkshire (near Denholme)

Dewsbury Moor-West Yorkshire (near Dewsbury)

Dobroyd -West Yorkshire (near Todmorden)

Dogley Lane-West Yorkshire (near Huddersfield)

Dudley Hill-West Yorkshire (near Bradford)

East Ardsley-West Yorkshire (near Wakefield)

East Bierley-West Yorkshire (near Bradford)

East Carlton-West Yorkshire (near Otley)

East Garforth-West Yorkshire (near Castleford)

East Hardwick-West Yorkshire (near Pontefract)

East Keswick-West Yorkshire (near Wetherby)

East Morton-West Yorkshire (near Otley)

East Rigton-West Yorkshire (near Wetherby)

Emley Moor-West Yorkshire (near Dewsbury)

Exley Head-West Yorkshire (near Keighley)

Farnley Tyas-West Yorkshire (near Huddersfield)

Fell Lane-West Yorkshire (near Keighley)

Fenay Bridge-West Yorkshire (near Huddersfield)

Five Lane Ends-West Yorkshire (near Bradford)

Four Lane Ends-West Yorkshire (near Bradford)

Gaisby Hill-West Yorkshire (near Bradford)

Garforth Bridge-West Yorkshire (near Leeds)

Gilling West-North Yorkshire (near Richmond)

Glasshoughton-West Yorkshire (near Normanton)

Goose Eye-West Yorkshire (near Keighley)

Grange Moor-West Yorkshire (near Dewsbury)

Great Cliff-West Yorkshire (near Wakefield)

Great Horton-West Yorkshire (near Bradford)

Great Preston-West Yorkshire (near Castleford)

Hade Edge-West Yorkshire (near Penistone)

Hainworth Shaw-West Yorkshire (near Keighley)

Hall Cliffe-West Yorkshire (near Wakefield)

Halton West-North Yorkshire (near Barnoldswick)

Hanging Heaton-West Yorkshire (near Dewsbury)

Hare Croft-West Yorkshire (near Denholme)

Hartshead Moor Side-West Yorkshire (near Batley)

Hebden Bridge-West Yorkshire (near Todmorden)

High Ackworth-West Yorkshire (near Pontefract)

High Flats-West Yorkshire (near Penistone)

High Town-West Yorkshire (near Batley)

Hill Side-West Yorkshire (near Huddersfield)

Hirst Wood-West Yorkshire (near Bradford)

Holme Wood-West Yorkshire (near Bradford)

Holywell Green-West Yorkshire (near Halifax)

Hough End-West Yorkshire (near Leeds)

Houses Hill-West Yorkshire (near Huddersfield)

Hove Edge-West Yorkshire (near Halifax)

Idle Moor-West Yorkshire (near Bradford)

Jackson Bridge-West Yorkshire (near Penistone)

Ledston Luck-West Yorkshire (near Normanton)

Leeds and Bradford International Airport-West Yorkshire (near Otley)

Lidget Green-West Yorkshire (near Bradford)

Little Horton-West Yorkshire (near Bradford)

Little London-West Yorkshire (near Otley)

Little Preston-West Yorkshire (near Normanton)

Little Town-West Yorkshire (near Batley)

Lofthouse Gate-West Yorkshire (near Wakefield)

Low Ackworth-West Yorkshire (near Pontefract)

Low Moor-West Yorkshire (near Bradford)

Low Utley-West Yorkshire (near Skipton)

Lower Cumberworth-West Yorkshire (near Penistone)

Lower Denby-West Yorkshire (near Penistone)

Lower Soothill-West Yorkshire (near Dewsbury)

Lower Whitley-West Yorkshire (near Dewsbury)

Lower Wyke-West Yorkshire (near Halifax)

Luddendenfoot-West Yorkshire (near Halifax)

Meltham Mills-West Yorkshire (near Huddersfield)

Mill Bank-West Yorkshire (near Halifax)

Moor Allerton-West Yorkshire (near Leeds)

Moor End-West Yorkshire (near Halifax)

Moor Head (Denholme)-West Yorkshire (near Bradford)

Moor Head (Leeds)-West Yorkshire (near Batley)

Mount Pleasant-West Yorkshire (near Batley)

Mount Tabor-West Yorkshire (near Halifax)

Netheroyd Hill-West Yorkshire (near Huddersfield)

New Crofton-West Yorkshire (near Normanton)

New Farnley-West Yorkshire (near Leeds)

New Fryston-West Yorkshire (near Normanton)

New Mill-West Yorkshire (near Huddersfield)

New Sharlston-West Yorkshire (near Normanton)

New Wortley-West Yorkshire (near Leeds)

Newall With Clifton-West Yorkshire (near Otley)

Newsam Green-West Yorkshire (near Leeds)

Newton Hill-West Yorkshire (near Wakefield)

North Elmsall-West Yorkshire (near South Kirkby)

Norwood Green-West Yorkshire (near Halifax)

Old Bramhope-West Yorkshire (near Otley)

Old Micklefield-West Yorkshire (near Castleford)

Old Snydale-West Yorkshire (near Normanton)

Old Town-West Yorkshire (near Todmorden)

Ouzlewell Green-West Yorkshire (near Wakefield)

Ovenden Wood-West Yorkshire (near Halifax)

Park Gate-West Yorkshire (near Otley)

Pecket Well-West Yorkshire (near Todmorden)

Pole Moor-West Yorkshire (near Huddersfield)

Pool in Wharfedale-West Yorkshire (near Otley)

Primrose Hill-West Yorkshire (near Huddersfield)

Purston Jaglin-West Yorkshire (near Pontefract)

Pye Nest-West Yorkshire (near Halifax)

Robin Hood-West Yorkshire (near Leeds)

Rothwell Haigh-West Yorkshire (near Leeds)

Rowley Hill-West Yorkshire (near Huddersfield)

Salendine Nook-West Yorkshire (near Huddersfield)

Sandal-West Yorkshire (near Wakefield)

Sandy Lane-West Yorkshire (near Bradford)

Savile Town-West Yorkshire (near Dewsbury)

Scapegoat Hill-West Yorkshire (near Huddersfield)

Scholey Hill-West Yorkshire (near Normanton)

School Green-West Yorkshire (near Bradford)

Sharlston Common-West Yorkshire (near Normanton)

Sheepridge-West Yorkshire (near Huddersfield)

Shelley Far Bank-West Yorkshire (near Huddersfield)

Shibden-West Yorkshire (near Halifax)

Skircoat Green-West Yorkshire (near Halifax)

Slack Side-West Yorkshire (near Bradford)

Slaid Hill-West Yorkshire (near Leeds)

South Crosland-West Yorkshire (near Huddersfield)

South Elmsall-West Yorkshire (near South Kirkby)

South Hiendley-West Yorkshire (near South Kirkby)

South Kirkby-West Yorkshire South Ossett-West Yorkshire

South Ossett-West Yorkshire (near Dewsbury)

Sowerby Bridge-West Yorkshire (near Halifax)

Soyland-West Yorkshire (near Halifax)

Stanley Ferry-West Yorkshire (near Wakefield)

Stone Chair-West Yorkshire (near Halifax)

Stump Cross-West Yorkshire (near Halifax)

Swillington Common-West Yorkshire (near Leeds)

Taylor Hill-West Yorkshire (near Huddersfield)

Thornhill Edge-West Yorkshire (near Dewsbury)

Thornhill Lees-West Yorkshire (near Dewsbury)

Thorp Arch-West Yorkshire (near Wetherby)

Thorpe Audlin-West Yorkshire (near South Kirkby)

Thorpe on the Hill-West Yorkshire (near Leeds)

Thwaites Brow-West Yorkshire (near Keighley)

Tong Street-West Yorkshire (near Bradford)

Upper Cumberworth-West Yorkshire (near Penistone)

Upper Denby-West Yorkshire (near Penistone)

Upper Heaton-West Yorkshire (near Huddersfield)

Upper Hiendley-West Yorkshire (near South Kirkby)

Upper Hopton-West Yorkshire (near Huddersfield)

Upper Moor Side-West Yorkshire (near Leeds)

Warley-West Yorkshire (near Halifax)

Water Fryston-West Yorkshire (near Normanton)

Well Heads-West Yorkshire (near Denholme)

West Ayton-North Yorkshire (near Scarborough)

West Barnby-North Yorkshire (near Whitby)

West Bowling-West Yorkshire (near Bradford)

West Bretton-West Yorkshire (near Wakefield)

West Burton-North Yorkshire (near Richmond)

West Cottingwith-North Yorkshire (near Pocklington)

West Cowick-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Snaith)

West Ella-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Hessle)

West End-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Market Weighton)

West End-West Yorkshire (near Otley)

West End (Bolton Percy)-North Yorkshire (near Wetherby)

West End (Padside)-North Yorkshire (near Pateley Bridge)

West Garforth-West Yorkshire (near Normanton)

West Haddlesey-North Yorkshire (near Snaith)

West Hardwick-West Yorkshire (near Pontefract)

West Harlsey-North Yorkshire (near Northallerton)

West Heslerton-North Yorkshire (near Norton)

West Knapton-North Yorkshire (near Norton)

West Layton-North Yorkshire (near Richmond)

West Lilling-North Yorkshire (near Easingwold)

West Lutton-North Yorkshire (near Norton)

West Marton-North Yorkshire (near Barnoldswick)

West Melton-South Yorkshire (near Rotherham)

West Ness-North Yorkshire (near Kirkbymoorside)

West Newton-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Hedon)

West Park-West Yorkshire (near Leeds)

West Rounton-North Yorkshire (near Northallerton)

West Scrafton-North Yorkshire (near Pateley Bridge)

West Stonesdale-North Yorkshire (near Barnard Castle)

West Tanfield-North Yorkshire (near Bedale)

West Witton-North Yorkshire (near Richmond)

Westgate Hill-West Yorkshire (near Bradford)

Wood Row-West Yorkshire (near Normanton)

Yews Green-West Yorkshire (near Halifax)


Homeopath West Yorkshire

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Homeopathy is a system of medicine which involves treating the individual with very dilute ingredients.

Given predominantly in tablet form, homeopathy aims to trigger the body’s own healing capabilities.